Modern methods of therapy in the fight against prostatitis

In the modern world, more and more males are faced with prostatitis problems. Therefore, the most relevant topic for this disease remains the question of the most effective and fast-acting methods of treating the disease. Modern methods of treatment of prostatitis consist of a whole range of measures that contribute to a significant improvement in the general condition and performance of the pelvic organs.

However, few people manage to completely get rid of acute prostatitis, and then the disease becomes chronic, as a result of which the recovery period is significantly delayed. In the chronic course of prostatitis, the main task of the urologist and the patient is to prevent the exacerbation of the disease and strive for a full recovery.

What is complex treatment?

The treatment of prostatitis differs depending on the acute and chronic forms, and is aimed primarily at eliminating inflammatory processes in the prostate. Comprehensive measures in the fight against prostatitis consist of the following items:

doctor's appointment for prostatitis

The use of complex therapy shows the most positive result in the treatment

  • Drug treatment: antibacterial, hormonal drugs, herbal anti-inflammatory drugs, etc. ;
  • The use of fortified products;
  • drugs that stimulate the immune system;
  • Massage of the prostate gland through the rectum (to improve blood circulation in the organ and eliminate congestion);
  • The latest methods of physiotherapy treatment;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Traditional medicine (various decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs), including hirudotherapy and mud therapy.

In severe cases, with untimely seeking help from a medical institution, or with complications of chronic prostatitis, surgery may be necessary: if the cause of prostatitis is cancer, with purulent and other complications.

Surgical treatment consists in removing the affected area of tissue, followed by a long period of rehabilitation.

However, modern medicine has made significant progress in the treatment of prostatitis, so the need for surgical treatment occurs in extremely rare cases.

What are the main principles of modern treatment of prostatitis?

The chronic form of the disease involves constant treatment, which consists not only in a healthy lifestyle, sports, healthy eating, but also in the impact of various physiotherapeutic methods, which, unlike medications, do not have a negative impact on various organs and body systems.

All men with inflammatory processes in the prostate are prescribed physiotherapy and treatment with herbal preparations. Most urologists tend to agree that some modern methods of physiotherapy have a good effect on the prostate gland, thereby speeding up the healing process.

device for the treatment of prostatitis

For the treatment of prostatitis in chronic men, the most commonly used:

  • laser treatment;
  • Radio frequency thermal therapy;
  • Electrical stimulation (endo or transurethral);
  • Vacuum method of treatment;
  • Treatment with ozone.

All these methods of dealing with prostatitis contribute to the normalization of the prostate gland, relieve inflammation, reduce pain and discomfort.

These activities will also help restore healthy sexual function, as a result of which the man will be able to lead a normal sex life. These methods often allow you to reduce the use of medications, or completely eliminate drugs for prostatitis.

What are the benefits of laser therapy?

During the procedure, laser beams affect the tissues of the prostate gland and nearby cells, contributing to the improvement of microcirculation processes. Violation of blood circulation in the organ, as a rule, is the main factor that does not allow eliminating inflammatory processes in the prostate, and subsequently the healing process is delayed for a long period.

laser treatment of prostatitis

The effect of electrical stimulation on the prostate gland

This method of treating prostatitis consists in exposing the prostate gland to a low-frequency current, resulting in a contraction of the organ. This helps to eliminate stagnant processes and remove secretions from the prostate.

In many men, inflammatory processes in the prostate appear as a result of stagnant processes, with a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, electrical stimulation is an important part of the complex treatment of the disease.

How does thermotherapy affect the treatment of prostatitis?

This method of treatment is based on the application of the old principles of exposure to high temperatures on the tissues of the internal organs of a person. The development of modern medicine has made it possible to improve the devices, resulting in a new effective direction in the treatment of prostatitis, much more productive than the previously used one.

Thermotherapy allows you to get rid of pathogenic microflora, acts destructively on the affected cells of the body, followed by regeneration. This method is widely used in the treatment of not only prostatitis, but also other diseases of the internal organs.

What is vacuum therapy?

The technique consists in installing a special medical device on the penis, as a result of which the male genital organ is filled with blood, thereby acquiring hardness and is in a state of erection.

Vacuum therapy improves erectile abilities, blood circulation in the pelvic organs, thereby preventing stagnant processes. This method of treatment works most effectively when combined with other methods of physiotherapy treatment.

Application of ozone therapy

One of the modern methods of treating prostatitis is ozone therapy, which consists in the introduction of a therapeutic fluid pre-filled with ozone. As a rule, saline solution pre-saturated with ozone is used.

The therapeutic solution is administered daily through the rectum and into the urethra, the course is 6-10 procedures, depending on the stage of the disease. Ozone therapy has a bactericidal effect, promotes the regeneration of damaged cells, as a result of which the prostate resumes its functioning.

Prostatitis is a rather serious test for men, causing not only symptoms with painful manifestations, impaired urinary function, but also negatively affects the psychological state. In addition, prostatitis should be treated in the early stages of development, otherwise neglected inflammatory processes can result in many different complications.

There are also some recommendations for the prevention of this disease, consisting in a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, quitting smoking and drinking alcohol. An important aspect in men's health is regular sex life with a regular partner, this will help to avoid stagnant processes in the organs of the reproductive system and thereby reduce the risk of developing prostatitis.