How to cure prostatitis without medication

Many men wonder how to cure prostatitis on their own and successfully overcome it. In our time, we can already say with confidence that this disease can be dealt with on its own with the help of natural preparations, candles and gymnastics at home. And all this will be effective. There is a persistent opinion that prostatitis cannot be cured, but this can be refuted.

The man wondered how to quickly cure prostatitis

When you read the annotation for various medicines and dietary supplements, it seems that there is a lot of useful information, but, unfortunately, they may not work and not help. The ineffectiveness of such drugs is due to non-compliance with strict rules in their production. Many patients have already seen more than once that the fight against prostatitis, which lasts less than a month, is convenient for the doctor, but not for the patient.

Repeated courses often lead to a dead end and lead in a circle, and the doctor will earn good money.

Not very honest doctors can lure you with "new" methods of how to cure prostatitis yourself without prostate massage. And people give a lot of money in the hope of a cure, avoiding such an unpleasant procedure. Thank God that such "specialists" appear and disappear, thereby proving that prostate massage is the basis in the treatment of this disease.

Prostate massage - the basis in the treatment of prostatitis in men

Prostate massage

The action of prostate massage consists in squeezing out the inflamed secret with a finger into the ducts and eventually into the urethra. This improves the blood supply to the prostate gland (after all, congestion in the pelvis is the main factor in the development of prostatitis).

The effect of such a massage is determined by the unique structure and location of the gland. After all, this is the only organ where massage will really help in curing acute inflammation.

The diagnosis of "chronic prostatitis" does not imply an incurable disease. Simply stating the fact that the disease is protracted. Prostatitis, which dragged on, is usually supported by the wrong way of life, namely: gluttony, drunkenness and physical inactivity.

Therefore, different types of massages and meals with the addition of a large amount of seafood have proven themselves well.

If the treatment lasts less than a month, as a rule, the person is not cured. In another month or three, a breakdown and exacerbation will follow, and this is inevitable if the man has already completed a couple of courses of antibiotic treatment. The state will return to its original position. How to be, again go to the doctor for a temporary result? There are ways to deal with prostatitis and forget about this disease in six months.

Self-treatment methods

Before you start self-treatment of prostatitis, be sure to listen to your body, you can’t do without it. Learn how to quickly and easily relieve aggravation as needed.

Eating onions can help fight prostatitis infection

The benefits of onions

Since one of the causes of prostatitis is an infection that enters the prostate from the urethra, it is necessary to fight it.

Replace chemical antibiotics with onions. Eat a small head of onion every night before bed.

Also use an effective recipe on how to cure the prostate: chop 100 g of onion and pour 600 ml of dry white wine into it, insist in a cool place for 10 days, strain and take 2 tablespoons three times a day before meals.

warm bath

Pain and a feeling of discomfort will be well removed by warm baths of a strong decoction of chamomile. When the acute period has passed, take a gentle shower, alternating warm water with cold. Direct the jet to the area of the prostate gland.

More zinc

Another important point for men is zinc. This microelement will start the production of the male sex hormone testosterone and maintain its level. If prostatitis is caused by a hormonal disorder, then zinc is a must. It is found in large quantities in pumpkin.

Sports and gymnastics

Try not to use public transport, and go in for walking and gymnastics every morning. After all, a sedentary lifestyle is also the cause of prostatitis. Poor blood circulation in the pelvic area leads to stagnation and inflammation of the prostate gland.

Proper nutrition

It is important to take care of your digestion. Avoid constipation so as not to irritate the prostate with pressure on it. At the very least, drink a laxative, but prevention is best: plenty of fluids and a balanced diet.

Proper balanced nutrition is an excellent prevention of prostatitis

Physiotherapy methods

Today, physiotherapists will tell you how to quickly cure prostatitis. Reflexology, ultrasound, magnetic laser inductotherapy, leech therapy, and thermal procedures will help. In recent years, many companies have launched various devices and simulators on the market.

By purchasing such a device for the treatment of prostatitis, a man has the opportunity to prevent relapses and receive physiotherapy procedures without going to the doctor. The impact on the prostate is through vibration, vacuum, temperature or light waves of different lengths.

The question of how to cure prostatitis is decided by the doctor together with the patient. Many men, contrary to logic, are led by shame and unreasonable complexes.

It should be remembered that self-treatment without consulting an experienced specialist may not only not lead to a positive result, but, ultimately, to a worsening of the course of the disease.When thinking about how to treat prostatitis on your own, do not forget that this should not go against the basic therapy and prescriptions of a urologist. After all, only timely prescribed complex treatment will save you from this disease.