Prostatitis and methods of its treatment with the use of tablets

Prostatitis in most cases begins abruptly. If a man sees a doctor, then treatment may include both injections and tablet forms. But given the specifics of the pathology, often the first signs of inflammation are removed independently with the help of pharmaceutical preparations. Only when none of them help, and besides, complications are added, the man goes to the doctor and conducts a full examination. After that, an individual treatment regimen is selected. Regardless of the stage and form of inflammation, it will include pills for prostatitis.

pills for prostatitis

Drug treatment is selected individually for each patient.

When medicines are needed

We note right away that the pills prescribed for prostatitis are used not only in the acute phase, but also in the chronic one. Naturally, these will be other drugs with a completely different dosage. Even outside of an exacerbation, it is important to maintain the work of the gland and carry out prophylaxis with the same tablet medicines.

The appearance of pain, a violation of the outflow of urine, frequent urges and other deviations are an indication for the start of treatment. It is important to choose the most effective drugs and take them for at least the specified period.

Early cessation of treatment can lead to a decrease in the severity of symptoms and the subsidence of pathology. Subsequently, it will turn into a chronic form, which will be much more difficult to get rid of.

First aid preparations

First of all, antibiotics are used to treat men. These are mandatory pills for acute prostatitis, without which it will not be possible to eliminate inflammation. They are appointed after receiving the results of the tests. If the symptoms are pronounced and there is no time to wait for a sensitivity test, drugs with a wide spectrum of action can be used.

In most cases, the duration of antibiotic therapy is no more than 10 days. But this applies to the acute period. In chronic inflammation, a course of 5-6 weeks may be required.

It may also turn out that there is no effect from taking drugs of this group. The reason for this may be viral prostatitis, fungal, as well as an incorrectly selected drug that is not effective against the existing flora.

Mandatory in acute and recurrent form are alpha-blockers. It is these pills from prostatitis that contribute to the normalization of urination. They act by relieving spasm from smooth muscles. The duration of treatment for men depends on the severity of this particular symptom and the body's response to the drug used.

Pain relievers may be prescribed for pain. They should be taken only if there is a pronounced pain syndrome. The fact is that drugs have a lot of contraindications and side effects, and their unreasonable use can cause negative consequences. As a rule, painkillers for prostatitis are used only in the acute phase. In other cases, they try to relieve pain with the help of anti-inflammatory and other drugs.

It is necessary to take painkillers in case of attacks of severe pain.

Medicines of an additional group

All of these drugs are mandatory when signs of prostatitis appear. But besides this, it is important to take into account that the disease often occurs with pronounced deviations from the psyche of men. In this regard, tablets with a sedative effect may be prescribed. The simplest are valerian preparations. They act gently and do not cause side effects.

During the use of sedatives, it is important to monitor the patient's condition and avoid side effects such as sleep disturbances, mood swings and depression. In some cases, with pronounced deviations from the psycho-emotional state, the help of a psychotherapist may be required.

During the treatment of men, hormonal drugs are prescribed. As a rule, their action is aimed at reducing the production of their own testosterone, since under the influence of this hormone, the rate of growth of gland tissues increases. The course of these tablets leads to the normalization of the hormonal background and the improvement of the condition of the reproductive organs.

Outside the acute stage, as well as for the purpose of prevention, phytopreparations can be used. Today, a large number of herbal remedies are known in tablets and capsules. As a rule, they are prescribed in combination with other drugs to eliminate inflammation. But the difference is that you will have to drink supplements for a long time, sometimes at least six months.

Vitamins and trace elements are essential. They are prescribed regardless of the stage of the disease. This allows you to reduce the duration of treatment and improve the general condition of men. It is important to emphasize that it is precisely due to vitamin and mineral complexes that it is possible to strengthen the immune system, and therefore reduce the risk of developing an exacerbation.

Only a doctor can tell you which vitamins to take. It is important to remember that an overdose is much more difficult to eliminate than a shortage, and is fraught with dangerous consequences.

Features of the treatment of various forms of pathology

When choosing drugs, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • patient's age;
  • stage of pathology;
  • form of inflammation;
  • the cause of the disease;
  • the presence or absence of complications;
  • related diseases.

But of all the above, it is the form of pathology that is most important. Based on it, pills for prostatitis are selected.

In the bacterial form, bacteria are the cause of the disease. Accordingly, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers will be mandatory. They are selected only on the basis of the results of the analyzes and the type of pathogen. In the chronic form, antibacterial agents can also be used to prevent exacerbation. They are prescribed at a lower dosage.

When treating bacterial prostatitis, it is important to either change drugs or use ones that do not cause resistance. In addition, it is on antibacterial drugs that an allergic reaction and other side effects most often occur.

Treatment of men with a chronic form of inflammation should be long-term. It is important to eliminate the pathogen not only in the active form, but also in the inactive form. It is characteristic that a prolonged course occurs with a specific flora, for example, with chlamydia or mycoplasma. Such inflammation is eliminated only by long courses up to 1. 5-2 months.

Non-bacterial prostatitis is eliminated with completely different pills. It makes no sense to take antibiotics even in high dosages. The most commonly used alpha-blockers. It is important to normalize the outflow of urine and eliminate congestion.

In more rare cases, fungal flora is detected. Taking an antibiotic in such a situation can only worsen the patient's condition. Therefore, antifungal drugs, as well as immunomodulators, are used to treat men.

Features of calculous prostatitis

Separately, it is necessary to highlight such a form of prostatitis as calculous. The treatment of this form is fundamentally different from the rest. In the initial stages of the pathology, tablets can be used to relieve pain, spasm and improve the outflow of secretions. Also mandatory will be drugs to thin the juice of the prostate. Means for resorption of adhesions and scars, as well as improving the nutrition of gland cells, can be effective. In the later stages, an operation is prescribed, but before it, as well as after the intervention, tablets are used to relieve inflammation and accelerate the regeneration process.

Thus, for the treatment of men, many tablets can be used, differing both in action and in reasons for use. You can’t drink them on your own, since each drug has its own contraindications and side effects. Improper use of drugs can not only not give results, but also worsen the condition.