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  • What is prostatitis and its symptoms. What forms of the disease exist. Diagnosis of prostatitis. What groups of drugs are used to treat prostatitis.
    22 July 2022
  • Causes, symptoms of acute and chronic prostatitis. What medicines to treat the disease? The medicine for prostatitis should be used in a complex of several groups of drugs prescribed by the doctor.
    15 September 2021
  • The essence of the pathology and the causes of prostatitis in men. Symptoms of the disease, depending on the form and stage. Diagnostics, conservative and operative therapy options. Possible consequences and preventive measures.
    15 September 2021
  • Prostatitis can be identified for yourself by difficulty urinating, a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder, temperature and pain in the perineum. Learn how to get rid of unpleasant symptoms and cure the disease from the article.
    14 September 2021